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Myrthe Nymph Wai is a filmmaker and writer of Chinese origin. She was born on April 1st 1998 in Voorburg, The Netherlands.

At the age of 15, her film synopsis was selected for the first round of the CinemAsia Filmfestival FilmLAB 2014, making her the youngest participant ever since the beginning of this contest.

Later, at the age of 18, her new film pitch received the most votes from the audience for the CinemAsia Filmfestival FilmLAB 2017. She made her debut in the cinema with her short-film ‘Pricetag/價錢牌’. It premiered in March 2017 in Amsterdam and has been screened on a national and international scale. The film has been nominated for several awards worldwide and has won the award for ‘Best Drama Short’ at the Genre Celebration Festival in  China.

Wai has won the award for ‘Best First Time Director’ at the European Cinematography Awards in Poland.

From a young age, Wai continues to be passionate about various arts such as writing, composing and performing music, dancing, painting and photography.  Besides art, she immerses herself in liberal arts. With her father as a doctor and her mother as a therapist, she has been brought up in an environment where the concern of physical and mental health has fulfilled a prominent role. Growing up, Wai wanted to become a multi-instrumentalist and psychologist. Later she became interested in filmmaking and pursued this career.

She has worked on various projects including for CinemAsia Filmfestival, Omniversum, Soul Film Productions, MNCC, Algemeen Dagblad, PACT+ and NILS.

Wai is currently based in the Netherlands and studies Psychology at Leiden University.

by Wim Wilmers fotografie